Welcome to the Consultants Conclave

The meeting place for Professional Consultants in Africa and Beyond.

The Consultants Conclave (CC) is a unique Golden Fortune International platform for consultants to congregate and share pertinent insights in the world of Consulting. This international conferencing forum is organized to address the volatile shifts in the consulting landscape. It is a consolidated platform for all consulting information and access to subject matter experts, peer consultants and client organizations.  The conclave deep dives into all aspects of consultancy – past trends, the journey of a consultant, prospects in the world of consulting, niches for consulting and much more. As a pioneering platform, CC will be an aggregator of thoughts and key insights into the world of consulting by providing an opportunity for the participants to interact with the domain experts to learn and share thoughts.


Activities include:

  • Consultant’s Networking Fridays
  • Budding Consultants Forums
  • Business Over Breakfast Seminars
  • Learn Over Lunch
  • Business to Business Networks
  • Business to Customers Seminars
  • Conversations with Consultants
  • Consultus360
  • Fone-A-Consultant Services
  • Blog Posts by Consulting Conclave Members

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